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Viktoria Korneliuk20 Jan, 2020 • 0 minutes of reading

Should garbage be burned in a volcano?

Should garbage be burned in a volcano?

The environs of many major cities in the world are turned into huge waste dumps. The problem of garbage disposal requires new ideas. One of these, why not get rid of the garbage by burning it in natural sources of heat - volcanoes?

The very first factors that come to mind are the complexity and danger of transportation, and therefore the high costs. Naturally, nearby cities are suitable for this idea. Those, this idea will not solve the global problem of trash disposal. And not all active volcanoes are suitable for such a task – the shield volcanoes are suitable.

But then another problem arises, when burning garbage, harmful substances are released, and you can’t install a filter on the volcano, although it spews puffs of toxic smoke... Also, trash can not burn out completely and leak into the environment with hot lava.

In addition, volcanic activity cannot be controlled, and what can happen with the loading of a huge amount of garbage - one can only speculate. On this occasion, there are small experiments that lead to impressive results – reaction of explosions. (one can find the video on YouTube).

At first glance, such a promising and interesting idea has so far only drawbacks. But, perhaps, they will be solved sometime ...

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